A Lisburn Fence Company has recently completed a major project to help protect residents in a new development just outside the City of Lisburn.

As the owner of Lisburn Fence Company, we take pride in delivering high-quality fencing solutions to our clients. Recently, we were approached by a housing development client in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, who required a 6ft 6in fence to be installed around their new development of 12 detatched properties. In this case study, we will provide an overview of how we successfully completed the project.

Project Details

  • Client: GMC Developments, Lisburn
  • Location: Ballinderry Rd, Lisburn
  • Approximate Length of Fencing: 1,500 linear feet
  • Fence Height: 6ft 6in
  • Type of Fence Panels Used: Pressure treated Cedar with 15 Year Guarantee
  • Time to Complete: 14 days

Initial Consultation:

The first step in any project is to schedule a consultation with the client. During this meeting, we assess the client’s needs and requirements, evaluate the property, and offer recommendations based on our expertise. In this particular case, the client had requested a 6ft 6in fence to be installed around their property to provide security and privacy.

Site Survey:

After the initial consultation, Lisburn Fence Company conducted a site survey to determine the exact measurements of the property and the type of fencing that would be suitable. Our team of experts evaluated the soil quality, the elevation of the land, and any potential obstacles that could impact the installation process.

Fence Selection:

Based on our site survey and consultation with the client, we recommended a high-quality, pressure treated wood fence made of cedar wood. Cedar wood is durable, lightweight, and requires minimal maintenance, making it the ideal choice for residential properties, and it comes with a reassuring 15-year guarantee. This initially proved to be tricky to keep within the clients budget. However, due to the extensive connections that we have in the fence supplies industry we were able to come in on budget, without compromising on quality.


Before installing the fence, Lisburn Fence Company prepared the ground by clearing any obstacles such as rocks, shrubs, or debris. We also dug holes for the fence posts using specialized equipment and set the posts in concrete to ensure that the fence would remain sturdy and upright for years to come.


With the groundwork completed, we began installing the fence panels. Our team worked efficiently and effectively to ensure that the fence was installed to the highest standards. We ensured that each panel was level and evenly spaced, and that the overall design of the fence was aesthetically pleasing. In addition to the external perimeter fencing we also installed garden partition fences between each property.

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Finishing Touches:

After the fence panels were installed, we added finishing touches to ensure that the fence was secure and looked great. We added fence post caps to protect the posts from weather damage, and we also installed a gate to provide easy access to the property.


The project was completed on time and within budget, and the client was thrilled with the end result. The new fence provided privacy, security, and added value to the property. Our team at Lisburn Fence Company takes pride in delivering high-quality fencing solutions that are designed to last for years to come. If you’re looking for a reliable and professional fencing company in Northern Ireland, contact us today for a consultation.

* Please note that this company is ficticious and has been used to demonstrate the template and layout of a Case study for a local business. If you would like to learn more about how you can use simple case studies to help brand and grow your business then please contact us here.