Let’s face it, many of us look outside at our tired garden and there’s a deep sigh. We know what we should do, when we should do it, but never quite get around to it? Is that you too? I thought it was just me!

This is where Landscapers Belfast come in to save the day.

Mr and Mrs Hanratty contacted John Brennan at Landscapers Belfast not knowing what they wanted, they just knew they needed an overhaul of their large overgrown garden just outside Belfast.

Project Overview: Garden Design North West of Belfast Northern Ireland

  1. Project – Garden redesign and tidy, patio area, raised decking and new fencing
  2. Location – North West Belfast Northern Ireland
  3. Approximate Size – 5,400 Sq Ft
  4. Plants Used
  5. Time of Year – September
  6. Time to complete – 2 days

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, we met with the clients to discuss their vision for the garden. They explained that they wanted a low-maintenance garden with plenty of greenery and a seating area for entertaining. We took measurements and photographs of the space, and asked the clients to provide us with a rough budget for the project.

Garden Design Proposal

Based on the clients’ requirements and budget, the team at Landscapers Belfast created a detailed garden design proposal. The proposal included a plan for the layout of the garden, incorporating various elements such as a lawn, flower beds, a patio area, and a raised deck/seating area. We also proposed the installation of new fencing and the addition of lighting to highlight key features of the garden.

Landscaping Process

Once the clients had approved the design proposal, we began work on the landscaping. The first step was to remove the existing grass and weeds from the garden, and to level the ground in preparation for the new lawn. We then installed new topsoil and laid the turf, ensuring that it was level and well-drained.

Next, we created the flower beds, incorporating a variety of plants and shrubs that were suited to the local climate and soil conditions. We also installed new fencing around the perimeter of the garden, providing privacy and security for the clients.

Finally, we constructed the patio and raised seating area, using high-quality paving stones and heat treated decking and fencing. The seating area was surrounded by raised flower beds, which added a splash of colour and interest to the garden. We also installed lighting throughout the garden, which enhanced its visual appeal and made it a pleasant place to spend time in the evenings.

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Outcome – The Hanratty’s New Belfast Oasis

The end result was a beautifully designed and landscaped garden that exceeded the clients’ garden design expectations. They were delighted with the low-maintenance aspect of the garden and were particularly pleased with the new seating area, which they felt was the perfect spot for outdoor entertaining. The addition of lighting made the garden a welcoming space in the evenings, and the new fencing provided privacy and security for the clients.


This project was a great success and was a testament to our ability to create bespoke garden designs that are tailored to the needs and preferences of our clients. We were pleased to have delivered a garden that provided a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space for the clients to enjoy for years to come. We look forward to continuing to serve the landscaping needs of homeowners in Belfast and beyond.

This project demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality landscaping services to our clients in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The entire team at Landscapers Belfast take great pride in creating bespoke garden designs that are tailored to the specific requirements of each client, and we always strive to exceed their expectations. We believe that a well-designed and landscaped garden can greatly enhance the quality of life of homeowners, and we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve this. We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Mr. and Mrs. Hanratty, and we look forward to serving the landscaping needs of many more clients in the future.

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