Attract More ‘Pre-Sold’ Leads Who Are Ready To Buy From You With Simple 1-Page Case Studies!

Get More Clients With Success Stories

Turn 'Doubters' Into Buyers

Show Proof & Outsmart Your Competition

Listen! Can You Hear Crickets?

The majority of visitors will LEAVE your website!

“What’s in it for me?” Let’s face it that’s all your prospect is interested in.

Imagine that you’ve spent time and money to help attract prospects to your website so you could showcase your product/service (not to mention how much you paid for your website too!).

You’re happy with the way your website looks and you’re showcasing your products/services.

Job done! You’re just waiting for the enquiries and sales roll in.

…but that wait becomes longer and longer!

You can see by your analytics that people are coming to your website…


Because they may still have doubts.

You’re prospect lands on your website and sees the ‘same’ type of website that everyone else in the industry has. You only have a few seconds to make an impression.

What if you immediately stand out and showcase yourself as the ‘trusted’ expert. Your competition is almost irrelevant now, you are no longer a COMMODITY that people can compare prices with.

YOU are the trusted company.

You stand out.

You have instant credibility and proof!

The Benefits Of Using Simple 1-Page Case Studies!

Show Your Expertise

Everyone wants to work with the expert! Case studies highlight your expertise quickly. You’re not just the expert, you’re the ‘trusted’ expert.

Build Trust Quickly

You’ve only a few seconds online to make a good or bad impression otherwise your prospect is gone. Stand out from your competition that makes YOU the right choice.

From ‘Doubter’ to Buyer

Most of your new prospects won’t know, like or trust you yet. We call them the ‘doubters’. Simple case studies are the best way to move people from doubter to buyer.

Google Loves You!

Google’s new EEAT Algorithm is all about Experience, Expertise, Authoritivness & Trust. Case studies allow you to give Google what it wants, and they will reward you for that!

Evergreen Content

Case studies are permanent. People will be able to find you organically for years to come. 

Increase Referrals

Case studies are a proven way to help increase referrals to your business. People prefer to direct their friends to case studies rather than generic content.

Great For Local SEO

Traditional SEO can take months even years and cost a small fortune in the process. Google loves the case study template and ranking happen quicker.

Quick Results

Using our proven syndication strategy we have seen page 1 rankings in a matter or weeks (depending on the competition of your niche).

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Hi, I’m Phil

Nice to see you here! My name is Phil Carrick and I live in a small village just outside Downpatrick in Northern Ireland.

After discovering the world of Internet Marketing in 2010, I’ve worked as a digital marketing consultant and a small business marketing strategist at the Google Digital Garage in Belfast and created my marketing agency, Red Chilli Digital.

I’m also a Member and Mentor for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM).

My love is marketing and helping small business grow, after all it’s you who are the lifeblood of the community and economy.

I’ve been helping small businesses stand out from their competitors for years and hopefully what you learn here will help you do the same. If you have any questions please feel book a free 30-minute strategy session here.

My Approach

Keep It Simple

People are busy these days, they don’t have the time or inclination to wade through pages on your website and they’re tired of seeing ads. Case studies flat out work.

Give People (and Google) What They Want

In order to stand out in today’s online world, we have to give Google and your prospects what they want, and that’s expertise and trustworthiness. 

Proven Way To Increase Traffic

Have a proven method of reaching people with organic content marketing. Show your content when people are looking for your product or service.

Want me to help you grow your business with a captivating case study that will help turn ‘doubters’ to BUYERS?

Just send me few bullet points and images and I’ll take care of everything for you. From writing your case study to syndicating and promoting it to my many media connections (this is the secret sauce). Just click on the button below and let’s see if I can help you stand out from your competitors.

What Others Are Saying!

Phil has been a brilliant help to us all at Academic Fish, particularly in my role as Graphic Designer I have learned new ways to ensure what we make is engaging and effective for our audience. Lots of valuable tips and insights, thanks Phil!
Barry Rogan
Barry Rogan
I would highly recommend Phil for any digital marketing needs. His expertise, professionalism, and personalized approach make him a valuable asset for any business looking to grow their online presence.
Catherine Rooney
Catherine Rooney
Phil is amazing at what he does, I could not recommend him enough. Phil is a fountain of knowledge of all things marketing and not only tells you how to better your business, he actively shows you and makes sure you understand everything. Mentoring with Phil has not only had a profound impact on our business but also in myself professionally. A fantastic personality with fantastic expert knowledge that is guaranteed to improve your business.
Mary Slevin
Mary Slevin
Phil is an absolute gentleman and a wealth of knowledge! My business has gone from strength to strength with Phil's guidance and encouragement. My GMB profile and Facebook business page are doing very well. I very much appreciate everything you have done for me.
Johnny Parks
Johnny Parks
I have worked with many SEO companies throughout my career, but that 90 minutes with you was the most helpful that I have ever had. It isn't easy language to navigate when you are not familiar with it, but you are really good at what you do and at explaining language that can sometimes be opaque. I genuinely really appreciate your help and mentoring today. You are brilliant and you will be the first person that comes to mind if anyone I know needs help in this area.
Joy Kinney
Joy Kinney
The experience and professionalism that I have received from Red Chilli Digital has really helped my business get to a new level. I could not have done it on my own. I would recommend contacting this company to elevate your own business.
The Car Company Charles Casey
The Car Company Charles Casey
Phil delivered the goods. We had multiple issues with GMB profiles with two businesses registered to the same address, the business profile is now fully functional with better than expected results. When browsing for specialists in this sector look no further, great service, great chats and all importantly delivered as promised. Kind regards, Charles.
Kieran Haughey
Kieran Haughey
Phil has been a great help to me in driving my business forward. He is very knowledable on so many aspects of Google and Facebook, he really knows his stuff.
Anita Walsh
Anita Walsh
Great company, very professional and very helpful

Case Study Examples

The True Benefits of Case Studies

The True Benefits of Case Studies

The True Benefits of Case Studies: Transforming 'Doubters' into Buyers In business, trust is the bedrock of any successful customer relationship. This is even more pronounced for local businesses, where personal connections and reputations are everything. One of the...